Community Concierge Program

New to the Redwood Falls, MN area?

The Redwood Area Chamber Community Concierge Program is designed to help potential and new business professionals learn more about the Redwood Area.

The Community Concierge Program also helps individuals trying to make relocation decisions learn more about all the Redwood Area has to offer. The program can even help arrange school tours and support spousal résumé referrals to other businesses.

Redwood Area Chamber provides relocation packets which include our Redwood Area Community Guide and info regarding the community including major events and our Chamber Member Directory.

We also specialize in Community Tours, so be sure to talk with your potential or current Redwood Area employer and inquire about this great welcoming program.

Redwood Area Chamber Tourism

For more information about this program and everything else we do at Redwood Area Chamber, call us at 507-637-2828, or contact us online.

Historic Swayback Bridge Ramsey Park Redwood Falls MN

Community Tours of the Redwood Area

As part of Redwood Area Chamber’s Community Concierge Program, we specialize in community tours, highlighting why the Redwood Area is the best place to live, work, and play.

If you are interested in a community tour, talk with your potential or current Redwood area employer and inquire about our Community Concierge Tours. This is a great opportunity offered by the Redwood Area Chamber built specifically and strategically for newcomers. Your employer will reach out to us to make arrangements for your Chamber Community Concierge Tour.

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