COVID-19 Resources for Businesses and Organizations


COVID-19 Resources for Businesses and Organizations:

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Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Webinar: Is Your Business COVID-19 Ready?

Businesses are asking critical questions as they prepare for COVID-19. How can we keep our workplaces safe and clean? How can we accommodate changes in employee needs, like having to work remotely? And how might this impact our business and our economy? CLICK on the webinar image to watch.
Note: This webinar was designed for Members of the MN Chamber and its affiliates, and was recorded on Wednesday, March 11 with what was known at that time, although contains important information that will help you continue your preparations. Events are unfolding quickly and the MN Chamber will post new resources online as they become available. For the latest information and links to helpful resources for businesses and organizations, CLICK on the "Toolkit" link.
COVID-19 Business Toolkit

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

Stay Safe Guidance

Unemployment Benefits for Employees of Businesses affected by COVID-19

Talking to Children About COVID-19 - A Parent Resource

Additional RESOURCES for Employers from DEED

Please contact us at the Chamber Office at 507-637-2828 OR Email us if we can provide assistance to you. If you'd like us to share your Facebook Page updates, simply tag us.

What we can ALL do:

*Continue to Shop and Support Local. This has always been important, and will continue to be so now, possibly more than ever.

*Be prepared as best we can be. Use the above resources. Knowledge is power.

*Support and respect facilities and organizations that have made hard decisions to limit or halt visits and/or operations.

*Practice social distancing. Follow best practices for workplace safety to limit exposure and transmission and "flatten the curve."

*Get creative - most great ideas and inventive technology have come out of necessity and situations like this.

*Continue to review and adapt existing business mitigation and disaster recovery plans. Review leave policies and technology capacity to accommodate remote working for employees (where feasible and if necessary.) Continue to communicate leave policies with employees, including whether or not they would use PTO in cases of self-quarantine.

*And Remember:

Reach out to the Chamber if you need something. We will help you find the information and connection to resources you need.

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